Momentum Consult

An authentic content-first approach grows Momentum Consult’s LinkedIn page

Momentum Consult, a well-known South African financial planning firm had been on LinkedIn for a few years but realized that they were not utilizing the platform to its full potential – especially when it came to building credibility and creating a meaningful network with followers.

Momentum Consult appointed Pekuzi Projects Africa, from January 2021, as its preferred partner for its social media content creation and advisory services.

Our understanding of the financial services industry and the role of authentic and engaging content in building meaningful networks helped us develop a content-first approach that truly resonated with audiences.

This approach has resulted in triple digit growth of LinkedIn followers over the period without the use of paid services such as boosting content. We have seen monthly engagement rates of between 6% and 7%, the industry standard on LinkedIn is 2%.

Pekuzi Projects Africa has also assisted Momentum Consult with developing a Facebook Social Media Policy for their partner financial advisors, media monitoring to identify topical news stories relevant for the financial services industry to develop newsworthy content for followers and advice on best practice on social media practices.