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Communication is changing. Technology and digital transformation have shifted the way in which people consume, engage with, and share information.

At Pekuzi, (which means curious in Swahili), we understand how this shift impacts engagement at the nexus between the business, political and social arenas.

Curiosity is in our DNA – we are constantly questioning and learning from the world around us to create solutions that are not only creative but deliver on Return-On-Investment.

As an African communications consultancy, we have a comprehensive approach to establish, build and maintain brand reputation. We are a proudly South African 100% black, female-owned communications firm that uses data to add context to every trend, conversation and behavioural shift to increase relevancy for brands. All of this gives us the knowledge to predict, react and adapt.

We have over 30+ years of combined experience in the communications industry and have built brands in financial services, professional services, technology, health, education and FMCG.

Pekuzi Projects is an African communications consultancy, with a comprehensive approach to establish build and maintain brand reputation.

 Our Services


At Pekuzi, we develop social media strategies that are in synergy with your overall business objectives. Our strategies have audience led insights at their heart ensuring that they are actionable, understand your stakeholders, engage with them on matters they care about and on platforms that they are currently on.


Employee engagement continues to be a huge business opportunity – when done right. With the global pandemic having accelerated remote work for millions of employees across numerous industries and roles, we can help ensure that employees remain engaged and productive, no matter where they work from.


Businesses of varying sizes have several stakeholders but often lack the capability to engage them in a meaningful way. Our stakeholder management strategies help to maintain good relationships with the people who have most impact on your business.


We work closely with executive leadership teams to craft and implement social media strategies that will enhance the reputation of the brand. We aim to increase transparency, authenticity, and accessibility so as to instill public trust and confidence in the overall brand.

Through our content creation, we develop timely and relevant articles and posts for brand leaders, while continuously monitoring, managing day-to-day communications, and optimizing and providing deep-dive analytics on social media engagement and success.


Digital marketing or online marketing cannot be ignored, especially because internet usage has more than doubled over the past decade. Digital marketing, like any other type of marketing is a way to connect with and influence potential customers.

Digital marketing includes email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing and even blogging and allows reach the right audience in a way that is both cost-effective and measurable.


We help businesses and individuals cultivate a positive reputation with their stakeholders through various earned communications, including traditional media, social media, and in-person engagements. We also have strong experience in helping clients defend their reputation during crises that threaten their credibility.

The firm is female-owned and provides an array of communication services. It aims to effectively narrate stories the African way.


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We use data to add context to every trend, conversation and behavioral shift to increase relevance for brands. All of this gives us the knowledge to predict, react and adapt.

Our Work

Our stakeholder management strategies help to maintain good relationships with the people who have most impact on your business.

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